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Guns & Grapes

I once again had a blast in the Winelands. To prove that those ballistic pleasures are not exclusively a male domain, Kathryn accompanied me on my latest Shootopia Shooting Adventure.

A weapon is a bit like Internet porn. You love it, but you deny enjoying it. It’s worse in Europe. As soon as you are mentioning something that ejects bullets with a loud boom, it is regarded as a glorification of violence. Luckily South Africa is less inhibited in dealing with firearms. Here those precision instruments are widely accepted as leisure tools. Thanks to men like Sebastian Serfontein, who runs Shootopia Shooting Adventures very successfully for the last 14 years. And incident-free for this matter, thanks to his experience.
His shooting range couldn’t be situated in a more pleasant environment. High up in the mountains on Rustenberg Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. On a clear day you can see Table Mountain as well as Cape Point from up there. Further advantages: you are far away from anyone. And you can have a wine- and cheese-tasting after your shoot-out.
According to Sebastian women are initially much more reluctant to shoot, but when they start and go beyond the flinching state, they’re unstoppable. And in general more accurate shooters than men. To see for myself whether Seb’s theory has anything to do with reality, I brought Kathryn along.
And she sure enough had a blast. Firing away like GI Jane. Or Dirty Mary. The M-16 being her weapon of choice. And Seb was right, women tend to shoot more accurately. And they are better equipped in case of an emergency. No better gun shot wound first-aid help than a tampon. It stops the bleeding instantly. When Seb tells me the story, I imagine Clint Eastwood after a punk made his day. Taking a baby-blue pack of Doves out of his jeans and pluggin the bullet holes. Boys and girls, if you want a fun day out, shoot into the Winelands with Seb.

Shootopia Shooting Adventures
offers several packages, from Die Hard and Rambo to Terminator (R650 to R1500 p.P.). Latter is the ultimate shooting spree. Not only are drinks and snacks included, you also shoot all ten weapons: Glock .40 calibre, AK-47, Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, Colt .45 ACP, 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum, .357 Magnum, Heckler & Koch MP-5, AR-15 (M-16) and a shotgun. For romantic shooters there is also a Sunset Shoot at R650 p.P.. Or what about the Beer. Bullets and Burger Special for R900 p.P..
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16 February 2017

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