Frozen editions – BMW 4-series Coupe & Convertible

An unexpected return of winter in spring turned Bavaria into a fairy tale Christmas landscape. And the launch of the rejuvenated BMW 440i Coupe and 430i Convertible into a bit of a challenge.

I haven’t seen snow like this in ages. When I checked the Bavarian meteorological report a couple of days before the trip to Beemer’s Holy Grail in Munich, it showed beer garden weather with spring temperatures scratching at the 20 degrees Celsius mark. Now, on the very top of the 1570 meter high Roßfeldpanoramastraße (horse field panoramic motorway) the temperature in the cockpit of the (closed) sunset orange BMW 530i convertible shows a bone-chilling minus 6.5 degrees. And the snow on the roads is also the reason for the remounting of winter tyres, restricting autobahn speeds to a mere 240km/h. According to a sticker in the middle console.
The new face-lifted two-doors retain quite a few design elements of the 2012 BMW concept 4-series coupe. There are hexagonal full LED headlights now and for the first time in the 4-series full LED rear lights. Which are perfectly visible, even in snow storms, which I can confirm from first-hand experience.
Large air intakes, widening at the edges, are giving the cars a more pronounced stance. A wider range of 18- and 19-inch light alloy wheels of which four designs are available add to the attractiveness of the sporty Beemers. Exclusive to the 4-series are those stunning new colours: sunset orange and snapper rocks blue.
Inside you’ll find a better grip steering wheel, an inductive charging tray for your smartphone and a Wifi hotspot. Perfect for using your live weather app in order to find a sunny spot in a less mountainous area of Bavaria. I still keep my beanie on, but I finally succeed in opening the metal roof for a warmer-than-reality looking topless shot.


BMW 430i Convertible/440i Coupe
Engine 2.0-l. 4cyl. turbo/3.0-l. 6cyl. turbo, paired with an 8-speed auto
Power 185/240kW and 350/450Nm
Top Speed 250/250 km/h (electronically limited)
0-100km/h 6.4/5 seconds
Price R819 275/R852 176



31 July 2017