Lifestyle Cayenne – Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Porsche finally entered the SUV Coupé segment with a variant of their third-generation Cayenne. This rather attractive lifestyle version featuring the characteristic 911 roofline, appeals to a new, younger target group. Dieter experienced it on some mountain roads in Southern France.

Porsche didn’t rush it, but it was clear that the company would come out with a Coupé version of their best-selling Cayenne at one stage. The Coupé was part of the plan since the development of the third-generation Cayenne, introduced in 2017, began. This new variant is finally here to compete with the Mercedes GLE Coupé, Audi’s Q8 and obviously the trendsetter and segment founder himself: BMW’s X6.
The roof of the Porsche Coupé resembles the surface of a smartphone and the silhouette is clearly 911. The designers did an amazing job in putting the 911 outline on top of the muscular Cayenne body. The 2m² large fully panoramic glass roof is tinted, making the Coupé’s top appear to be even lower. The alternative is an optional carbon roof, which is 20kg lighter. The sculptors in Zuffenhausen dropped the A-pillar, mounted a new, less steep windshield and widened the rear quarter panels.
Altogether about 30% of new parts were added, including doors and fenders. The lifestyle Cayenne is 20mm lower and 18mm wider in the rear than the regular model. The large rear hatch features a fixed spoiler at its top edge and an active spoiler, that tucks away under the lower edge of the rear window at slower speeds. You can almost feel the rear spoilers pressing the Coupe’s behind into the gripping tarmac of those narrow French alpine roads.
The new Cayenne is beautiful inside and out. It comes standard with 20inch forged alloy wheels, 22inch ones are optional. Interior is about the same as in the normal Cayenne, just the rear seats are mounted 3cm lower to allow adults sitting there comfortably, despite the lowered roofline.
The engines are already known from the regular models – and they do sound amazing, especially in Sport mode, with the exhaust button on. Prices are higher, but include more extras, like the Sport Chrono package.
I was very impressed by the performance of the entry-level Cayenne Coupé. On twisty mountain roads you don’t actually need the mighty Turbo S for double the price. Rather have a Boxster instead for the money saved. If you love the Macan, but fancy more back room, go for the Cayenne Coupé. It’s younger than a regular Cayenne.
But is it a sportscar? Yes, it is. A real four-seater one. And for your pub evening talks, yes, even the top model E-Hybrid Coupé won’t be able to reach the magical 300km/h, which the family members Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus go beyond effortlessly.
Verdict: A hot piece of light-footed sports equipment and a grand looker. I think Porsche’s prediction of 20% Coupés in future Cayenne sales is not too optimistic.

Porsche Cayenne Coupé/Coupé S/Coupé Turbo S/E-Hybrid Coupé 
Engine 3.0-l. V6/2.9-l. V6/4.0-l. V8/4.0-l. V8 plus electric motor, all paired, with an 8-speed Tiptronic S auto box & AWD
Power 250/324/404/500kW and 450/550/770/770Nm
Top Speed 243/263/286/295 km/h
0-100km/h 6/5/3.9/3.8 seconds
Price R1 303 000/R1 433 000/R2 277 000/R2 817 000


18 January 2020