Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

Enjoy your flight

The brand-new Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT recently nullified all previous SUV lap records in the Green Hell of Nurburgring. And not later than when the petrol attendant saw me off with a ‘Enjoy your flight’, I knew, I was in a very special car.

Photos by Irina Mink

We have all seen those videos on Youtube or Tiktok. Affluent, senior citizens trying to enter or exit a super sportscar in a dignified manner. An almost impossible feat. Crawling over the pavement in front of a trendy café is terribly uncool and destroys all the street cred created by the dramatic entry with reving engine. That’s why high performance SUVs do exist. As much power as a low flying sportscar, but combined with easy access. Even Ferrari is launching one soon, the Purosangue. Joining the likes of Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Audi RSQ8 and – obviously – Porsche. The spiciest Cayenne ever just came out of Zuffenhausen.

What a birthday surprise. The Cayenne is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Porsche rewarded the dynamiv SUV with, yes, additional performance. 67kW and 80Nm more than in the Cayenne Turbo. The first ever GT badged Cayenne is only available in its sexiest version, as a four-seater Coupé. It is running on specifically developed performance tyres – 22inch Pirelli P Zero Corsas - and it obviously features all available Porsche chassis programs, while being 17mm lower than the Turbo Coupé.

And it just dethroned the Audi RSQ8 and Lamborghini Urus with a new fastest SUV lap time on Nurburgring of 7:38.9min. Which is slightly faster than a 911 GT3! Making the Cayenne Turbo GT a real sportscar.


4.0-l. V8 bi-turbo, paired with 8-speed Tiptronic S, all-wheel drive


471kW and 850Nm


300 km/h

I love the colour of the car I am in: arctic grey. Personally I would get rid of the golden Bollywood wheels, for some gloss or matte black ones. But I must admit, they make the vehicle look more unique.

Admiring the stunning silhouette of the parked GT you notice all the changes to previous Cayenne models. First of all there is ample use of carbon, including the top, the reason why there is no sunroof. The superlight roof avoids any top heaviness, especially in tight corners. This together with the Porsche’s assist programs active stability management (PASM), dynamic chassis control (PDCC) and rear-wheel steering (PTV Plus) creates an uncanny road holding.

An impressive carbon rear roof spoiler is supporting the aerodynamic efforts of the retractable one on the boot lid. Creating 40kgs of additional downforce.

Driving one of the fastest and most dynamic SUVs in the world, you definitely appreciate the yellow-calipered Porsche ceramic brakes.

The most powerful 8cyl. Porsche motor exhales dramatically through its titanium exhaust, with lots of entertaining hissing, bellowing, trumpeting and rumbling. The two end pipes are strategically positioned in the centre, to successfully prevent the addition of an inappropriate tow hitch.

To be intimately correct, the GT is not the most powerful Cayenne. This glory goes to the Turbo S E-hybrid, which is more potent on paper. Putting out 500kW, when petrol and electric drivetrain are jubilating in unison. But on entering the first corner, the GT is ahead. As due to its battery load, the E-hybrid is 300kgs heavier!

And pricewise? The beautiful beast from Zuffenhausen is R600 000 cheaper than the Urus, though at R2.44mil, the almost as quick Audi RSQ8 costs less.

After spending three exhilarating days and 850 kilometres with the Swabion Terminator, I can confirm that Porsche once again hit it out of the park with their newest interpretation of the Cayenne. Exceptional driving dynamics paired with everyday usability. And a joyful last hoorah of the internal combustion engine with electrification looming on the horizon.


Porsche Cayenne GT


3.7-l. six-cylinder turbo, paired with an 8-speed auto PDK


4.0-l. V8 bi-turbo, paired with 8-speed Tiptronic S, all-wheel drive


471kW and 850Nm

Top Speed

300 km/h


3.3 seconds


R3 350 000


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