Porsche 911 Dakar – Tall 911
This year Porsche launched their roughest and toughest 911 ever: the Dakar. Inspired by the 1984 Paris-Dakar overall win and just in time for the iconic brand’s 75th birthday. It’s Stuttgart’s first two-door, four-wheel drive off-road production vehicle.
Mercedes EQS 450+ & EQB 350 – Silent Mercs
The first all-electric Mercedes-Benz luxury saloon is the S-Class of electric cars and promises a range of more than 780km. I took the current flagship from it’s birthplace to Germany’s capital city.
Land Rover Defender Namibia trip – Back on track
In 2016 I said good-bye to the old Defender by taking the last Heritage model on a trip to Namibia. Now I finally repeated the 7000km journey in the new Defender.
Jeep Gladiator & Toyota Land Cruiser LC79 – Rough and tough
I took South Africa’s most talked about bakkies off the beaten track. The hyper-cool Jeep Gladiator and the legendary Land Cruiser LC79. Which one would you choose?
Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT – Enjoy your flight
The brand-new Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT recently nullified all previous SUV lap records in the Green Hell of Nurburgring. And not later than when the petrol attendant saw me off with a ‘Enjoy your flight’, I knew, I was in a very special car.
Jaguar F-Pace SVR – British Purrfection
Is the newest Jaguar F-Pace SVR still as insane as ever? Dieter Losskarn found out by spending some quality time with the pawsome Brit.
Bentley Continental GT Speed – On Speed
The need for speed was felt by Dieter Losskarn in the fastest Bentley ever. The British Power Coupé Continental GT Speed is an absolute dream to drive.
Audi RS e-tron GT – Ring Leader
The Bavarian car manufacturer with the four rings recently launched their most powerful production car ever. LossKARn had a first taste of the fully electric Audi RS e-tron GT.
BMW 2-series Coupé – Last of its kind?
Despite rapidly increasing electrification efforts, BMW just launched another one of their iconic ‘small’ cars. LossKARn reckons, that the new M240i Coupé is an appropriate way to say goodbye to internal combustion engines.
Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 – The Master of Sandton
After 14 years Toyota finally presented a new Land Cruiser, the LC300. In two versions: a road-orientated big-grilled show car, the ZX, and a more off roady GR-S. GQ experienced both of them to find out whether they are still the masters of Africa.
Mercedes GLS 400d, 580, 600 Maybach & 63 AMG – Elevated S classes
The flagship of Mercedes SUVs (no, the G is not an SUV) is the GLS. And GQ drove all three, pardon four of them.
Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo – Current Affair
When a self-confessed petrolhead like me is suddenly exhilarated by electric cars, you realize that they have come a long way. Porsche’s newest Taycan, the 4S Cross Turismo, gave me smiles & more. And a fast charger reduced earlier onsets of range anxiety significantly.
Audi e-tron 55 Sportback S – Quattro Electrified
Audi just launched six different e-tron models in South Africa. Dieter Losskarn took one of them on a 1500 km road trip into the Karoo. An electrifying adventure for a confessed petrolhead.
Land Rover Defender 90 – Get Shorty
Reinventing legendary icons tends to feelings run high. Think of Mercedes G, Porsche 911 and – in particular – the short wheel-based Land Rover Defender 90. Do you prefer the new or old one? Or what about a new old one?
Porsche Girl – Michelle Hambly-Grobler
In Südafrika steht Porsche-Girl synonym für die temperamentvolle, groβgewachsene Michelle mit ihrer dunkelblonden, gelockten Mähne. In ihrer Womancave, im Erdgeschoβ einer ehemaligen Textilfabrik in Kapstadts einstigem Industrie- und seit kurzem Trendviertel, finden sich gut 20 mobile Meisterstücke aus Zuffenhausen – und ein südafrikanischer Formel 1-Wagen aus dem Jahr 1959 mit Porsche-Technik.
Weinland-Traum – Asara Wine Estate & Hotel
Die Geschichte des Asara-Weinguts geht zurück bis auf das Jahr 1691, als die Farm erstmals schriftlich erwähnt wurde. Ursprünglich hieβ das Gut Verdun, weil der erfolgreiche Anbau von Reben im einstigen Buschland für die ehemaligen Besitzer einer gewonnenen Schlacht glich.
Range Rover Sport SVR – Midnight Train
The angriest Englishman, I have encountered in a long time. The sound of it’s 5.0-l. V8 beating heart is primal and awe-inspiring at the same time. What makes this particular Range Rover Sport SVR so special, is the fact, that is one of 27 custom-made and hand-finished specimens, ordered in England by Land Rover South Africa.
Audi RS4 Avant – The Wild One
You are young, successful, love fast cars, just got your first child and obviously ‘sold’ the RS4 Avant as a family car. And that could be a problem. Imagine forgetting about the toddler in the baby seat and driving the Quattro in a species-appropriate way. You will never get the puke smell out the interior. Or the stains out of the beautifully red-stitched leather sport seats.
Audi RSQ8 – Brute in a Suit
The RSQ8 is Audi’s biggest and heaviest RS model ever. But is this light-footed heavy athlete still an RS? Come on. Is that for real? A mighty SUV with supercar performance? A bi-turbo V8 with 600hp. Audi, I acknowledge your E-tron electrification activities, but this is Sparta. More than 5m long and almost 2.2m wide, weighing 2.4 tons.
Mercedes G 400d – Rock Star
This is the Keith Richards among cars. Still rolling over stones after having been produced for more than four decades. GQ motoring ed Dieter Losskarn felt invincible, while spending time in the best 4x4 in the world, the legendary cultural icon G.
Porsche Boxster Spyder – A breath of fresh air
This Porsche is very close to my heart. I always loved the mid-engine Boxster, celebrating its 25th birthday this year. I picked up the Spyder on a beautiful, wind still and sunny Cape winter day and took it across the sublime tarmac of Franschhoek pass and later on my home run Clarence Drive.
Audi S7 Sportback – The Transporter Reloaded
If the Transporter movies would have been filmed now, Jason Statham alias Frank Martin would have gone for this S7 - and not the A8 W12. In Europe the hot version of the executive sedan A7, is only available as a turbo-diesel, with a 48 Volts mild hybrid system. We are more lucky in South Africa, with this 331kW 3.0-l. turbo-charged V6 option.
Audi R8 Spyder – Endangered Species
Where to begin? Introduced in 2006 and loosely based on the Lambo Gallardo, this naturally aspirated R8 is actually an everyday driving car, despite its eye-watering performance. The facelifted 2021 model has a significantly more aggressive appearance, than its predecessors. Optional laser lights add to this.
Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 S AMG & GLS 580 – Dusty Stars
As soon as Mercedes models have a ‘G’ in their name, they can officially be taken off the beaten track. I picked two vehicles out of the GL range: the nimble GLC 63 S AMG and the mighty GLS 580. But I made only one of them dirty.
Land Rover Defender 110 -Welcome back
Land Rover took their time to develop a new Defender. In 2016 the last of the legendary 110s came of the production line. In the rugged terrain of the Cederberg mountains I found out, whether the new one is a worthy successor to the icon created in 1949.
Which Porsche? – Porsche 911 Turbo S – Cayenne GTS – Cayman GT4
Which is your favourite Porsche model? Would you go for the iconic 911 in its most famous Turbo S version, the sporty SUV Cayenne GTS or the pure-bred, naturally aspirated Cayman GT4? I experienced all three of them. And chose another one as my favorite.
In charge now – Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Porsche convincingly succeeded in not betraying their heritage of gorgeous fossil-fuel-burning dream cars. They just opened a new chapter. With an electrifying masterpiece, coming out of their brand-new 700 million Euro production facility in Zuffenhausen. I had a convincing drive in the top-of-the-range Taycan Turbo S.
Continental Lift Bentley Inter-Continental GT
What do you do, when you love your Bentley Continental GT so much, that you want to take it with you on the annual bush trip? Well, why not approach this small company in the hamlet of Sutherland, South Africa’s coldest town. What comes out of there is even cooler. Glamotion Limited turns your Continental into an Inter-Continental. I went for a conti-mental spin.
Wild Cat – Jaguar F-Type R
I was patiently waiting for the appropriate ride to accompany me on my first post-lockdown road trip. When it arrived, I let the cat out of the bag. In the divine shape of the new Jaguar F-Type R.
Mild Horse – Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost Convertible
How bad does it feel to have a four-cylinder engine in an American V8 legend? LossKARn found out. Topless. Onlookers are gathering in the vicinity of the Mustang’s exhaust end pipes in anticipation of the glorious V8 soundtrack. But once again, I will have to disappoint them.
Power Cruiser – Harley-Davidson Low Rider S
After a two year absence the iconic Low Rider is back in Harley’s model line-up. Now as part of the Softail family. Making the bike even more attractive. I hit the open road on the American icon.
Weaponized Vorsprung – Lamborghini Urus & Huracán Evo
The platforms and powerplants are used across the entire Volkswagen family, from Audi Q8 via Porsche Cayenne to Bentley Bentayga. But the Italian job is the most impressive so far. I spent some quality time with the Urus – the world’s first super sport utility vehicle – and the Huracán Evo – an aerodynamical masterpiece.
G-Star – more than 40 years of Mercedes G
The boxy design is more than four decades old, it has military origins and is a relic of hybrid- and electric car-free times gone by. No wonder that it has reached cult status and enjoys thousands of dedicated fans worldwide. Last year Mercedes-Benz replaced the oldest vehicle in their range by a more civilized version. G wagon fans all over the world dreaded this moment.

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